"Blessing Awodibu earned his pro card with an awesome physique.

Becoming a pro bodybuilder is no simple task. It takes a great deal of training and sacrfice. It also takes time and patience to build the muscle required to prove yourself worthy of a IFBB Pro. Blessing Awodibu is a bodybuilder who has struggled and strived to become a pro bodybuilder and his sacrifice and patience paid off."

- Generation Iron

Throughout Blessing’s 2017 competition season and beyond Blessing has been working hard outside of the gym to make Bodybuilding a more ‘approachable sport’ to all generations - his work has been paying off. He has becom known as ‘the worlds funniest bodybuilder’. His sketches have been taken to the next level with Blessing, nicknamed, ‘The Boogieman’, appearing on Fox News, TMZ and multiple TV stations globally for his work off stage.

Blessing is now working behind closed doors for his IFBB PRO Debut 2019 – watch this space – there is about to be a shake up on the PRO stage!

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